How to use waste after pressing the juice?

If you have a juicer, then, of course, you had to ask yourself a question: what to do with waste, that is, squeezed pulp? Can I still use it somehow? Therefore, we offer several alternative ideas for the useful use of pulp.

Waste after squeezing juice in a juicer or dry pulp of squeezed fruits and vegetables consists mainly of fibers or fiber. This component is not very well absorbed by the body, but it perfectly supports the work of the digestive system. Therefore, it is worth using, at least, at least part of the waste after squeezing the juice as an ingredient in other dishes.


Dry pulp after pressing the juice can be added to the vegetable soup to make it more dense and add to its nutritional value. Thanks to the pulp, the soup will be thicker and more nutritious. You can also cook on the basis of the pulp vegetable broth – just add onions and spices to taste. Cook for about 40 minutes, and then strain. To the broth, you can make homemade pasta using a screw-type juicer.

Vegetarian cutlets

Squeezing several types of vegetables, you get a variety of flesh. Add to it flour, egg and seasonings to taste, and then form and fry the cutlets (or cook it in the form of meatballs).


Make an excellent substitute for chips. Thoroughly mix the pulp, season to taste, you can add seeds, for example, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and even coconut chips to taste (which you prefer). Spread the mass in a thin layer on a baking tray (here a food dryer would be useful), cut into small identical rectangles, and then dry at a temperature of about 60 ° C for 3-4 hours until you get crispy crackers.


With carrot pulp, adding a little cinnamon and several other ingredients, you can make a delicious carrot cake (here you will find a recipe). Similarly, you can also make fruit muffins or biscuits.


Mix the squeezed vegetable pulp in the blender, adding spices, a clove of garlic, a few drops of lemon juice. You can also add avocado, tomato or yogurt – depending on what kind of sauce you like and want to get. This sauce will be an excellent addition to crackers (the recipe of which is described above).


You can also dry the pulp of vegetables or greens, and then grind it into powder. Thus, you will get fragrant spices that can be added to sauces, soups etc. to enrich their taste and add nutritional value.

Treats for your pet

If you have any pet, such as guinea pig, rabbit or hamster, they will eat with an appetite any remains of squeezed fruits and vegetables. Even some dogs (although they are carnivores) are ready to try them.


If you do not want to use waste products after squeezing juice into food, use them in your garden or garden.

Freezing for future use

It is not necessary to immediately use all the pulp that remains after pressing the juice. You can divide it into portions, spread out in pouches (or containers) and store in a refrigerator or freeze for later use.

Of course, these are just some of the ideas for using pulp. We hope that they will interest you. Or, maybe you have your own way of using the leftovers after squeezing the juice? If so, then share it with other users of juicers by posting it on our page.

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