6 Reasons Why Cold Press Juicers Are So Costly in India

The modern trend of juicing business has already reached India. It is known as “cold press”. The trend boasts such features as lowering blood pressure and cancer reduction. The price of using this method in India is significantly higher compared to using classical masticating juicers. Here is why.

Large Quantity Production

Fruit photo

The amount of produce squeezed into one bottle is one of the reasons. At average, a 16-ounce bottle contains around 6 pounds of produce. It is a big amount in terms of Indian production.
For example, a typical orange drink contains juice of 16 oranges in a container of approximately 59ounces. It requires about 4 oranges per 16 ounces. Let’s say that an orange weight is roughly7 ounces. Then, about 1.75 pounds of oranges is needed for a 16-ounce serving of an orange juice.

As you see, cold press method involves big amounts of products. The Indian market (especially when it comes to small businesses) is not used to such an approach.

High Pressure

Another reason why this juicing trend is so pricy in India is the pressure. The level of pressure needed to produce juice by this method is higher. Those companies which sell cold pressed juice use thousands of pounds of pressure just to squeeze some juice.

In addition, such production typically involves the process called High Pressure Processing. It is used to preserve the ingredients. In India where the climate is hot enough, this process is used much more often in order not to lose ingredients. All together around7 tons of pressure is used to gain just a drop of juice.

Perishable Products

This reason is closely connected with the previous one. Highly perishable products require a lot of care so to speak. If they are not fresh, it is not desirable to use them for cold pressure which is not the case with masticating juicers.

The problem is that in most cases, cold pressed juices are squeezed from raw products. When they are not fresh enough, they lose their healthy properties. This problem is extremely important in hot India. As a result, companies using this method should do their best to keep fruits fresh which involves more money. For example, a bigger amount of refrigerators is necessary.



Production of masticating juicers is already a typical process which involves typical approach. When it comes to manufacturing equipment for cold press, more sophisticated technologies are used. Unfortunately, there are no factories involved in this kind of production in India.

As a result, owners of juicing business in India have to order equipment from other regions which is more expensive than using home production. Transportation of the equipment in this case is also pricey. Since the equipment of such type is more fragile, packing it requires more soft materials. Inevitably, it all makes cold pressed production more expensive for Indian companies.

Initial Price

In fact, equipment for cold press is quite priced since this is an extremely complicated piece of engineering. According to the manufacturers, it is among top 5% on the scale of complexity. As you might understand, this is not an average consumer product of an electronic kind. Such products require a lot of attention to details.
In order to make them more convenient and productive, manufacturers invest big sums of money. They think over exterior aspects as well as interior features. It influences the retail price of the equipment. Not only is it important for the Indian businesses but for the global market as well.

Modern Trend

Cold press is extremely fashionable. This method is in high demand on the market. Companies which use it start amazing marketing campaigns and in some cases earn more. It does not come as a surprise that manufacturers of the equipment try to make more money on this trend.
In terms of the Indian market, this is a lot of hype too. People really give preference to the cold pressed juices rather than classical ones. It is understandable that manufacturers offer their equipment for higher price. In fact, many Indian companies are ready to overpay because they manage to recoup the investments in a short period of time.


The main reasons why cold pressed production in India is expensive:
• Large quantities of production
• Hot climate
• Complicated technologies
• Expensive transportation
Having a good marketing plan, you will be able to become successful. However, you can save some money by choosing “slow juicing”. To learn more about it see slow juicers here.